Brian Litvin – Solo

Brian grew up in Johanesburg, South Africa. He started playing and learning music at the age of twelve. He learned the folk and pop music of the day, but also had a passion for music indiginous to South Africa. He was particularly “hooked” by the sound of the thumb and forefinger Maskanda fingerstyle guitar. Brian spent countless hours seeking out street ,musicians that would teach him pieces of this style of music and this style of playing.


It was not an easy task in the days of Apartheid, to associate with practitioners of this music. It was played by Black guitar players, usually migrant workers, who were restricted from coming in to the White areas of Johannesburg. Brian spent many hours in various hostels in Black designated townships in and around Johannesburg  interacting with and learning from such players. Township music also had a big influence on Brian as did the beautiful sounds of Cape Jazz. All these influences have melded into a unique distinctive style of music that is exciting, fun, energetic and a joy to listen to.